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Kathy Meis, Founder/CEO

Founder and CEO of Bublish Kathy Meis is an entrepreneur, writer, editor and editorial manager with more than twenty years of experience in the media and publishing industry. She started her career as a television news reporter for the CBS affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky, then moved to print and became a founding editor of Forbes MediaCritic. Kathy is also a founding partner of PubSmart, a new author-centric publishing conference in Charleston, South Carolina. She also ghostwrites business books and is a frequent blogger on the subject of book promotion, author branding, social media and discoverability. In 2012, Kathy won the Peoples Choice Award at the Startup Showcase at OReillys Tools of Change Publishing Conference. She studied Journalism and English at Indiana University.


BUBLISH.COM  (www.bublish.com) Bublish is the world's first complete publishing solution with integrated brand-building, marketing and discoverability features. The Bublish platform has tools to help authors write, publish, promote, sell and track their work while building a dynamic author brand that sells more books. Authors and publishers can use Bublish strictly to promote their books or add their full spectrum of global print and digital distribution services.  

Imagine running your own global publishing empire from a single, powerful dashboard. With Bublish, you can! Bublish is also a thriving, close-knit community of thousands of authors around the world. We have free bi-weekly educational events to support authors during every step of the publishing process. You can learn more about these events from the Bublish blog or visiting Bublish on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ or YouTube.

Bublish is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources to equip todays business-savvy authors for success. An innovative, award-winning platform, Bublish empowers authorpreneurs by providing a complete social marketing and digital publishing solution. Launched at Book Expo America in June of 2012, Bublish is changing the way writers share their stories and reach their readers. Thousands of authors around the world use Bublish to promote their work and build their brand. 

Top 10 Reasons Authors Should Use Bublish

Bublish is the worlds first complete publishing platform with integrated branding, marketing and discoverability features. Bublish helps authorsĶ 

  1. Grow an audience with book bubbles
  2. Build an author brand
  3. Increase discoverability by search engines
  4. Track social marketing success
  5. Generate an eBook with one click
  6. Engage a readership while writing
  7. Promote pre-order campaigns
  8. Drive traffic to their websites, social channels and product pages at major online retailers
  9. Convert social followers into fans with Bublishs follow feature
  10. Learn to be successful marketers through Bublishs ongoing community education
  11. Share their work without feeling like salespeople

This is a Book Bubble.  One of the many innovative and award-winning marketing tools authors will find on the Bublish platform. 


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